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Lavoie Success Story: Client Success Becomes a Family Affair

Adam started training with John to add muscle and got much more in return. After he bulked up, John helped Adam tone the muscle he had while lowering his bodyfat. “I have been working with John for more than two years, and since I started a workout regimen, I have seen significant positive health results. He goes the extra mile by ensuring you are working towards a clearly defined goal, for example, by having weekly dietary check-ins that are separate from just a normal gym... Read More

Lavoie Success Story: Hockey Player Sees Powerful Results from Group Training

Tom started working in group sessions with John last summer and was impressed by the workouts John introduced him to in the past few months — and he’s had a lot of fun, too! As a competitive hockey player, Tom wanted a workout that would enhance his skills and improve his game. “Every workout has been a blast. We joke around with 80’s pump-up music and can still get in a challenging workout together. I have been pushed to try new workouts that I had... Read More

Lavoie Success Story: Finding the Best Personal Trainer

Jim takes fitness seriously and appreciates the knowledge and scientific approach John Lavoie brings to his workouts. “John’s academic training in kinesiology and fitness training is rigorous and expansive. His personal experience as a triathlon and power lifter and professional experience working with people of all ages and conditions, makes him uniquely qualified to craft programs targeted at the specific needs of each client. I see John’s clients doing all sorts of different routines, and everyone seems to be working hard but enjoying themselves and... Read More

Lavoie Success Story: The Benefits of Strength Training

Peggy wanted to get stronger and sought John’s help because she hadn’t worked out with free weights before. After more than a year, she’s achieved results she had never expected. “When I started, I had no experience strength training with barbells, but my goal was to get stronger. John started me at the beginning teaching me how to dead lift, bench and squat step by step. At first the bar alone seemed heavy, but John is knowledgeable, patient, and a great teacher. I’ve come a long way in... Read More

Lavoie Success Story: Entrepreneur Makes Time for Workouts

Rogelio is a busy guy. He runs his own business and keeps busy with on-site work. Because of the demands of his work, it’s been difficult for him to maintain a steady workout schedule. Then he started working out at John Lavoie Training and everything changed. “I’ve been training with John for over a year now, and the results speak for themselves. If you’re anything like me, traditional gyms do not work — mainly because I do not have an accountability partner that’s going to... Read More

Lavoie Success Story: Former Athlete Gets in Running Shape

Melissa is a former soccer player who met John at a networking group. She had no idea the impact he’d have on her conditioning and performance. Let’s hear her story: “Meeting John came at the perfect time. After about a year in Boston, I was struggling to implement any weight training into my workouts, inevitably skipping that vital fitness component. John quickly developed a consistent cross-training workout routine that was customized to my specific goals. I played soccer competitively growing up and after a severe... Read More

Lavoie Success Story: Senior Improves Golf Game and More

Kevin is in his 70s but he’s a guy who understands that age is just a number and that anyone at any age can get better. While working with guidance from John over the past two years, Kevin was able to improve his movement and flexibility, which led to weight loss, improved daily living, and an improved golf game. Kevin highly recommends working out with John. “He takes the time to get to know his clients and their needs. That’s his personal touch and he... Read More

Lavoie Success Story: Achieving Weight Loss Goals Quickly

Sara started training with John because she needed the accountability to show up and the motivation to work out in a way that showed results. Her incredible results have been steady and she now looks forward to her sessions at John Lavoie Training. John showed Sara the proper way to work out to achieve her goals. He created a workout that included high-intensity interval training and focused on her diet and nutrition. The results speak for themselves: “With John’s encouragement and expertise, I have lost... Read More

Lavoie Success Story: Triathlete Improves Performance

Dennis is a triathlete in his 40s who needed a change for better performance. After our consult, we added cross-training to his regimen to help keep his weight down while supplementing his existing endurance training program. Dennis is very satisfied with his results and continues to work with John to feel, look and perform well. “John is exceptional at personal training and has kept me focused on my health and fitness goals. In the 18 months we have worked together I’ve lost weight, gotten more... Read More

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