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Lavoie Success Story: Former Athlete Gets in Running Shape

Melissa is a former soccer player who met John at a networking group. She had no idea the impact he’d have on her conditioning and performance. Let’s hear her story:

“Meeting John came at the perfect time. After about a year in Boston, I was struggling to implement any weight training into my workouts, inevitably skipping that vital fitness component. John quickly developed a consistent cross-training workout routine that was customized to my specific goals. I played soccer competitively growing up and after a severe knee injury, I had been striving to find a safe way to build upon my stale workouts. John hugely helped in that arena. Not only is he patient, knowledgeable and fun, but he is extremely adaptable. Now I have not only confidence in my workouts, but confidence in other facets of my life thanks to his guidance — and I just completed my first half marathon! All of this wouldn’t have been possible if it were not for John.”

Congrats, Melissa! You did the work and now you’re seeing the successful results. We couldn’t be prouder and more impressed by how far you’ve come.