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John provides a full consultation before recommending the right program for you. You’ll get a full fitness assessment that includes “before” stats, measurements and photos to track your progress and show you the results of your hard work. John works with clients at any level of fitness. Want to change your physique or improve in your sport? Get in touch and get ready to feel great about your body and your performance. If that’s you, get in touch and get ready to feel great about your body and your overall performance.

Consistent tracking of success in desired weight changes, body fat percentage, total weight lifted, and higher lactate thresholds for your cardiorespiratory performance and health.

Learn more about our services. All ages and ability levels welcome. 2 hours of free one on one time for any new clients.

1-on-1 Personal Training
You can achieve your fitness goals faster with private one-on-one training with John Lavoie. Together, you’ll create and execute workouts that help you lose weight, gain muscle, or prepare for upcoming events and competitions. All fitness levels welcome.
Small Group Training for 2-6 
Getting in shape is easy and affordable with friends who’ll support you and keep you on track. John creates individual programs depending on fitness and nutrition goals. Call your friends or co-workers and prepare for the best workout you’ve ever had. Who said fitness can’t be fun?
Large Group Training
Have a large group of seven or more who want to get in shape? No sweat! (Well, there will probably be sweat, but that’s a good thing.) Get expert advice on nutrition and individualized workouts for each member in your group. 
Corporate Wellness
Invite John into your business or organization for lunch-hour workouts that get you and your team healthy and increase productivity. John works with people of all ages and fitness levels, providing positive support and training programs that get results. If you’re seeking higher performance from your staff, get in touch.
Seniors On-Location Programs
John Lavoie Training partners with Senior Living companies to deliver fitness programs specifically tailored for older adults that improve fitness and flexibility in a safe environment at your location. Fitness is a gift John shares with his clients who want to live their best life.
Team Sport Training
Get sport-specific training and workouts for track and field, soccer, lacrosse, hockey and more from a competitive athlete who understands the body and knows the mindset required to excel at competitive sports. Contact John today to learn why he’s the best fit to work with your teams. 
Obstacle Course Training
Training for Spartan, Tough Mudder or other Obstacle Course Races? John Lavoie offers training programs for athletes competing at all levels with your specific goals in mind. Get stronger while improving your time, cardio and endurance.
Virtual Personal Training
Work out without leaving the house. Enjoy all the benefits of John’s customized workout plans and direction from the privacy of your own home.

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